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Gunshow Volume 2

I have a new book for preorder and I think you should PREORDER IT! It collects the second half of 2009 of my comic gunshow and it's gonna be a good book. I'm super proud of what it contains and the cover and just everything and everyone involved as we have a good selection of guest artists in it too.

SO PLEASE, preorder. I would love you if you did and i need you to show me that smile again.



"Fear of Large Crowds"

"Tingle Paradise"

"Dumb Kid"

"A Concerned Kong"

"Miles Away"

Jon's Comic

for free comic book day, I put together a short theoretical comic about what comic Jon Arbuckle draws. I always wondered what exactly was the comic he does. What KIND of comic is it?

I guess we are supposed to think that he is basically drawing Garfield and that's his strip, but that doesn't feel right to me. It feels out of character. I think it's more like this.

Also while I was there giving out the free minis, I drew this great Dilbert that I just want to post again here, I hope thats cool and fine.

EDIT: WEEOO WEEOO BREAKING NEWS, today's Garfield actually mentions Jon's job!!!

Still canon! One step closer!!

hell goblin club

it's been awhile since I did some water color pieces.

I finished these for the Pony Club Gallery in Portland. They are having a Stumptown special showing with a bunch of different webcartoonists' art hangin around for the show. All framed all nice and such. Gotta look our best.
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