custom comic - tough as old hickory

A custom comic ordered that needed three things: the lady the comic was for, andrew jackson, and maybe peanut butter, cus she likes peanut butter. So, let's smash all three together and make a comic.

jessi's zombie theories

Custom comic commissioned by a friend of Jessi's. I tried to think of something poignant to write but instead drew her all weird and wrote a comic around that. It all works out in the end (I guess, I guess).

old lj comix

about a year or so ago, my LJ account was HAXXED into and all posts were deleted. they contained little comics here and little comics there. I actually have recollected them here for anyone to peruse as they see fit.

They contain the turkey comics (which you've seen probably) and a lot of older stuff (which you might have seen before, so enjoy them again?). 2006-2007 stuff.

have fun.

Fat Maggie.

Here are some comics I did two years ago and posted them on the sa forums for a bunch of weirdos and freakz. I touched them up cus I thought I would put them in a book, but decided to cancel that idea, so here they are.

Dogs are great silent characters to write for. They are like the new (OLD?) Charlie Chaplin.

EDIT: well i guess this comic and the one in the comments isnt anything new for some. I just wanted to repost them for posterity I guess. Covering my ass is hard, cus it is so fat (lol).

international history club

who cares what i use and dont use who cares what i post or save for later, heres a fucking comic i drew for t this short lived thing called the internet national history club which only lives on thru Bryon Pinkelton and no one else. I re worked it cus I thought I was going to make a book out of some shit, but I didn't cus its expensive and who cares who cares look at this

This shit is like two years old, my god. Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was! *a doo doo doo*